Perfect for Developers

User Registration, authentication, password recovery and email certification are critical features requiring back-end infrastructure and security expertise to implement correctly and securely.
Let handle your user management needs so you can focus on the features that make your app unique. Store user-related information in custom attributes and execute business logic with Workflows.


Perfect for the Enterprise

Whether you're a small startup, or a large organization, can handle your Identity Management needs. Simple to setup and maintain reconciliation, provisioning, role management, auditing and reporting. Control your organization's identity assets directly with our Workflow engine and Sync agents, without the need for highly specialized staff or consultants.


Full API

Use our Authentication APIs to verify your users. You design the front end, we'll authenticate them on our end.


Integration and Single Sign On with 3rd parties can be enabled through our Federation features.


Social Login

Easily enable Social logins for your users if your business case requires it.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable MFA and force your users to enter a randomly generated PIN, on top of their normal login. PINs are generated through mobile apps like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Workflow Engine Engine

The Workflow Designer is a powerful web based workflow editor which allows you to create Identity Workflows. Workflows can be attached to all system events, such as Create, Modify, Add Role, etc... and the Engine coordinates their execution.

Creating Workflows with the Workflow Designer is simple: drag, drop, and connect. Select components from the library to perform tasks and connect multiple components within a workflow. You can extend Workflows by writing JavaScript Components using the in-browser editor.

For example, when creating a user, you generate a display name and password, and send a welcome email. Additionally, you may want to create an account for the user in Active Directory and add this user to a group. With Workflows, you connect the DisplayName, GeneratePassword, CreateAD Components, add a custom group assignment component and you're done. The Engine will execute this workflow next time a user is created.


Intelligence Engine

Intelligence Engine

Through embedded machine learning and predictive analytics the Intelligence Engine will adapt to your organization's unique patterns and define the foundation for smart automation.

Predictive Suggestions

The Intelligence Engine will proactively suggest resources, roles and entitlements that new or existing users might need. Confidence thresholds can be configured to allow automated requests for resources to be submitted.

Smart Realtime Certifications

Let the Intelligence Engine monitor the system in real time and send recommendations when usage patterns fall beyond the norm. The engine can also assist human decision making by providing a confidence score during normally scheduled certification tasks.

Lots More


Group and segment your userbase with custom roles. Use Workflows to setup automatic role memberships or kick off workflows from membership events. The Intelligence Engine can predict what roles a user might need and pro-actively suggest them for new users.

LDAP Gateway

Simply turn on the LDAP Gateway virtual directory and connect to your account with any LDAP client. Any application that uses LDAP for authentication can now leverage your directory, all with the click of a button.

Custom Domain

Configure your own domain or sub-domain instead of your account's URL for a fully branded experience for your users.


If you prefer to host the application in your own data center, this option is available for the Enterprise level accounts. We'll provide all the implementation details, reference architecture, detailed documentation and if needed, professional services to assist in a deployment. With this option, you can leverage our scalable architecture designed for extremely high volume.

Sync Agents

Sync Agents provide a way for systems within your company which are not exposed to the internet to synchronize with You can configure Sync Agents as a Reconciliation source or a Provisioning target. Currently, our Sync Agents support LDAP, Database and Flat File target but a lot more will be released.

Bulk Load

Simple controls to enable one time or scheduled Bulk Load operations. Making mass updates has never been easier. FTP drops, Amazon S3 downloads, API uploads, scriptable command line tools.

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